FFYNNON DEG is the historic name for our spring which rises on the edge of the beautiful Preseli Hills National Park in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Translated from the welsh it means "sweet spring". The water from this ancient source is outstanding for its purity and "sweetness" with an almost total lack of impurities combined with good mineral content. The land on which the spring rises is organic - no fertilisers or agri-chemicals are used - and carries the Soil Association symbol.

The water is bottled at source. It is regularly tested to ensure consistently excellent quality and exceeds standards demanded by EEC and UK government directives. Independent tests have confirmed that Ffynnon Deg Natural Welsh Spring Water is one of the purest available.

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Pembrokeshire Spring are also specialists in plumbed in water coolers where we take your tap water and using our advanced filtration technology, provide you with a constant supply of high quality drinking water. These water coolers are also very stylish and easy to use and are a perfect solution for any office or business wishing to provide cold filtered drinking water for staff or customers.

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